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A Global Bank for a Global Generation

Salaam Bank is a mobile first direct bank rooted in the beliefs of an ethical and fair financial system which have been encoded in Muslim values for more than 1400 years. We are building the world's first Islamic banking and finance platform which connects customers throughout the world to Islamic financing solutions based on their location.


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We are Disrupting Islamic & Ethical Banking 

Industries around the world have been disrupted by innovative startups, but one industry that has yet to feel a deep impact in innovation and technology is Islamic banking and finance. At a time when Muslim youth are looking for global, ethical, and mobile banking solutions, instead most Islamic finance products are focused on a tired brand propositions that argue that Islamic finance is no different than conventional banking. This while offering technologically weak products, it’s then no surprise that most Muslims are not using Islamic banks. Meanwhile in the United States (Simple) and Europe (Number 26 & GetMondo) direct banking offerings (all online and ATM based banks) are taking off with beautiful mobile banking experiences that allow people to bank beyond borders without international transaction fees.

This is where Salaam Bank comes in. Building a mobile first direct bank, with the goal of growing into a tech heavy financial institution, Salaam Bank is building an Islamic finance platform that will give people from the United States to Jakarta, Dubai and London access to Islamic finance options that are technologically innovative while creating a bank beyond borders. Sign up today to gain early access to this platform when it launches:



Banking is broken.

We are building an ethical, and digitally native alternative